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Sign up for a presentation or training today so you can increase your confidence in supporting those in need.

Sign up for a presentation or training today so you can increase your confidence in supporting those in need.

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  2. Catalyst will reach out to schedule your personalized training. 
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Presentations can be tailored to meet your group’s educational needs! All presentations are available in English or Spanish.

Professional Trainings

We know that you want to be able to confidently provide hope and support to survivors who disclose abuse to you. In order to do that, you need to know how to effectively assist those experiencing domestic violence.

The problem is a lack of proper training or knowledge relating to domestic violence can make you feel ill equipped and unhelpful. We believe you should have access to all the training and support you need in order to properly help survivors of abuse.

We understand that you want to do everything within your power to effectively help the communities you serve. This is why, for over 40 years, Catalyst’s expert trainers have been helping service providers, medical providers, community organizations, educators, (and more) increase their ability to collaborate with Catalyst so that when confronted with a domestic violence case, they can handle it compassionately and effectively. Our professional trainings are generally done between 1.5-3 hours. We also have the ability to offer CEUs. Our professional training curriculum includes: 

  • Overview of Intimate Partner Violence and Catalyst Services
  • Abuse in Teen Relationships
  • Healthy Relationships
  • Safety Planning
  • Child Exposure to Violence in the Home
  • Intimate Partner Violence in LatinX and Immigrant Communities
  • Intimate Partner Violence in LGBTQ+ Communities

Youth Presentations

At Catalyst, we are passionate about prevention. We love talking with young people about healthy relationships, unhealthy relationships, and abuse. Our age-appropriate curriculum is fun, interactive, and informational.

For Kindergarten through 2nd grades, we provide an interactive curriculum based on the book Hands Are Not for Hitting. After reading to the class Catalyst staff leads an art project. We will leave a copy of the book and the art created in the classroom to remind students of positive ways to use their hands.

For 6th, 7th, and 8th grade students, we have a one hour presentation that covers healthy friendships and dating relationships, identifying harmful behaviors, and defining abuse using interactive scenarios.

We also have a free one day conference held in the spring for 8th grade students in Butte County called Youth Empowered. This program is designed to educate 8th graders on ways to be active bystanders in situations like bullying, dating abuse, hazing or self-harm. Students will have access to interactive workshops, fun activities, a catered lunch, a YE t-shirt, and entries to win prizes throughout the day. We partner directly with schools and youth serving agencies in Butte County to nominate 8th grade students to attend this event. If you are a parent and would like your 8th grade student to attend, please contact your school principal or counselor. If you are a school counselor, administrator, or teacher, please contact our Prevention & Outreach Program Manager using the form below.

This two hour presentation is usually broken into 2 separate days in order to help students learn to recognize abusive relationship behaviors and how to strive for healthy relationships.

Adult Presentations

Our adult presentations focus on promoting healthy relationships, preventing abusive relationships, and increasing access to services. They generally include interactive and pre-developed curriculum for specific ages or populations, and they may also include workshops or group discussions if requested. General presentations are usually one hour and address basic questions, such as:

  • What is domestic violence?
  • What is Catalyst?
  • How does someone access Catalyst services?
  • How does someone provide peer support to a friend or family member who experiences abuse in an intimate relationship?
  • How do we have healthy relationships?

These topics can be helpful for any adult group as well as college classrooms.

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Sign up for a presentation or training today so you can increase your confidence in supporting those in need.

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